A cute portal system(mobile app) for couples in long distance relationship.
Interaction Design - group project.
Intro HCI (Cogs 120).
Winter 2014. Duration: February 2014- present
Collaborators: Kristina Do, Kaili Guo
Contribution: User research | Ideation | Rapid Prototyping | Interaction design
Deliverable: iOS Application

- BubbleUs
The core functionality of the design was to bridge the disconnect of geographical distances within relationships via an innovative technological solution. The app accomplished this by creating a “port” system for common interactions between couples. 

- Bubble as the form
We use bubble as the general form of communication, as a way of bringing surprise. Clicking and letting the bubble pop take efforts, but also bring brightness and joy. So is the LD relationship. 

- Features: be cute!
Piggy Bank: strive for mutual goals.
Time Capsule: write a slow multimedia message to yourself and/or to your loved one.
Music Walkie Talkie: breaking space-time, music, here, you and me, together.

- Mobile 
Gestures: associate the tangible and the emotional factors. Yes, swipe. 
One-hand friendly: left hand bag, right hand BubbleUs. Lighten up your fragment time.

- Always go back to needfinding
Our overall point of view is that sometimes couples live in different cities or have to travel to different cities for a while so they end up in long distance relationships. Long distance couples can maintain long distance relationships if they can constantly interact with each other by continuing to mutually share, give, and receive something from each other.