Groundwork Coffee

"Fair-trade, community, organic."


User-unfriendly UI of the whole site, especially the coffee subscription process. 

Homepage lack of branding and promotion of its values.

Hard for novice coffee drinkers to make good purchase options.


Sole end-to-end designer and researcher.


Deliver a clear homepage and intuitive navigation. 

Create an easy and fun coffee subscription flow.


2 weeks.


User Research, Strategy, Wireframing, Usability Testing, Information Architecture, User Interface Design. 


Clean and simple homepage that shows core value and branding!

Easy yet fun coffee subscription process + free trial!

Community Outreach: share your coffee drinking experience!


Content Audit & Information Architecture

User Study - Social Media

Word Count of posts that have #GROUNDWORKCOFFEE

Word Count that affects:

Popular items that goes on the homepage.

Styling & Branding.



Stakeholder inquiries and market research helped narrowing down to the following coffee shop sites.


User Inquiry & Personas

MVP Features stemmed from User Insights.

Review of IA --> Sitemap

Emphasis on LEARN + COMMUNITY 


Sketch time!

"Mix-Fi" Wireframes

Testing on:

What I fixed (as evolving into hi-fi)

  1. Homepage: added community comments section - making the site looks more local and friendly.
  2. Navigation: added a pointer to visually guide the attention

Before & After


Currently working on.