Smart App Trend

A website that provided latest news and trends of mobile apps. 

Group Project: Cognitive Aspects of Digital Design
Winter 2013. Duration: February 2013 - March 2013
Collaborators: Vivian Park, Lauren Park
Contribution: Paper Prototyping | Wireframes | Visual Design
Deliverable: Dynamic website

A website that provided latest news and trends of mobile apps. 

We found the tech-related information most relevant to avid mobile users nowadays, classified links and information into useful categories, and created a navigational structure that is tailored to user scenarios.

Here are a few things we experimented and focused on based on what we had learned:

- Color-coding of information
The home page provides a stream of latest news and is color-coded with the three major mobile operating systems.

- A new twist of Navigation Bar
Left sides are all tended for browsing, creative selection of information, and dynamically designed; while the three tabs on the right are intended for searching, categorised libraries of information, relatively static.

- Presentation & Information Listing
We focused on how to deliver our thoughts through a "featured" page of the most highly mentioned trends and news. 

- I learnt a lot 
We had a labor division based on specialties. As the one who led ideation/design/ development, I learnt a lot (both skill-wise and mindset-wise )from our graphic designer and our content/information manager.