Spot KTV & Restaurant

Before.    Dull. Lack of content. Undeveloped.


Dull. Lack of content. Undeveloped.


A young bright, modern- themed, highly interactive informational site.

For the Usability and Information Architecture course, Team Jigglypuff worked with a local client to build a website to their satisfaction. We redesigned a website for Spot Karaoke and Restaurant. We worked together for ten weeks creating professional deliverables, and at the end created a high-quality user-centered final prototype that the met and exceeded the owner's expectation.

Collaborators:  Julia Lee, Jennifer Lu, Kristina Do

Roles: User Research Lead, Interaction Designer

Tools: HTML, CSS, JQuery, Balsamiq, Photoshop, Google form


Communication: We put a lot of effort communicating with our client, as well as doing contextual interviews with the customers on site.  Despite the language barrier, and as being the only one in the team who speaks the language,  I took the lead in interviews and client reports.

Experience Design: We also helped with material collecting: taking photos of the rooms and food, as well as making a more organized form.


Song Request Form --- based on customer need:

We detected the need that both the karaoke and the customers need to have a more organized system for recording song requests.

                Paper song request form in the Karaoke place.


       Paper song request form in the Karaoke place.



Wireframe for the song request feature.

The final version of the song request form.